Bicycle Options

Bike Racks on Buses

How To Use A Bike Rack

Bring your bike along when you ride the bus! All buses in our Routed Service and many of our Worker/Driver buses have bike racks mounted on the front of the vehicle.


It is easy to safely load and unload a bike yourself in just a few seconds. Loading instructions are provided on the rack. To unload your bike, simply reverse the loading procedure. The video at right provides a step-by-step tutorial on how to load and unload your bicycle. Keep in mind that for safety reasons, the driver cannot leave the bus to help you, but can offer verbal instructions. There is no extra charge for a bike; you pay only the regular fare.

Bikes on the Kitsap Transit Foot Ferries

Bicycles are welcome on the Kitsap Transit Foot Ferries. Just like with the bus, there is no extra fare for bringing a bike on board. However, space is limited and available on a first-come, first-served basis. 

For more information about individual bicycle policies on our fast ferries, select a route: Bremerton Fast Ferry, Kingston Fast Ferry, Southworth Fast Ferry.

Bike Storage & Lockers

Bainbridge Island Bike Barn

Kitsap Transit’s Bainbridge Island Bike Barn is located just outside the Bainbridge Island Ferry Terminal. The Bike Barn offers 79 indoor and 33 outdoor storage hooks, and 48 accessory lockers. All bicycle storage is available on a first-come, first-served bases and you must apply to use an accessory locker. During the summer months, there is an on-site service vendor who can provide minor bike repairs, rentals and cycling accessories for sale.

To learn more about the Bike Barn - CLICK HERE.

Bicycle Lockers

Bike Locker Icon

Kitsap Transit has a limited number of secured bicycle lockers available for reservation. If you are interested in reserving a locker, please see the Bicycle Locker Application/Agreement for details and requirements. If you qualify, call Kitsap Transit at 360.377.8230 for availability. A waiting list will be maintained if a space is not immediately available. 

Bicycle Locker Application/Agreement

Accessory Lockers

Bike Accessory Locker icon

Bainbridge Island Bike Barn

The Bike Barn on Bainbridge Island is the only location Kitsap Transit offers accessory lockers, which can be reserved by daily commuters who use a bicycle for part of their trip. You must apply to reserve an accessory locker. Once approved, Kitsap Transit will issue a lock. Personal locks are prohibited and will result in contents being removed. 

Accessory Locker Application/Agreement

Bike Locker Location Map

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