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Q: What is an ORCA card and why do I need one?

A: An ORCA card is an electronic fare payment system accepted on Kitsap Transit, Pierce Transit, King County Metro Transit, Community Transit, Sound Transit, Everett Transit and the Washington State Ferries. It allows riders to load fare product, like a monthly pass, onto their card and tap their card aboard a bus, train or ferry to pay their fare. Instead of carrying different passes for different transit systems, riders carry just one card!

Riders do not need to have an ORCA card to pay their fares on Kitsap Transit. Cash is always accepted. However, only ORCA card holders can purchase monthly passes or received reduced fare. An ORCA card also offers a free two-hour regional transfer (excluding Washington State Ferries).

Q: How do I get an ORCA card?

A: There are lots of ways to get an ORCA card.

  • Go Online. Visit myORCA.com and select "Get A Card". You can use a credit card to order a card on line, add E-purse transportation value or regional or agency passes and have the card mailed to you within five to seven days with your fare product loaded on it.
  • Download the myORCA App – iPhone or Android
  • ORCA Vending Machines (Adult cards only) – You can use a credit/debit card to purchase an ORCA card, add new product (either a Kitsap Transit product or regional ORCA fare), load E-purse value and check your balance. Vending machines are located at the Bremerton Transportation Center, North Viking Transit Center, Wheaton Way Transit Center, Bainbridge Island Bike Barn, Kingston Fast Ferry Terminal and Port Orchard Ferry Terminal.
  • Retail Outlets. Adult cards only. Visit myORCA.com for a full list of participating stores in Kitsap County and the full ORCA region. in addition to purchasing an ORCA card, you can load E-purse or a monthly pass.
  • Order By Phone. Adult cards only. Call 1-888-988-6722. You can order your card and passes over the phone with a credit card. You will receive your card, with passes loaded, in seven to ten days.
  • Order By Mail. Adult cards. Youth cards (ages 6-18) with a copy of age verification. Call 1-888-988-6722 or download a paper form at myORCA.com. Make your selections and drop it in the mail. Mail orders can be made by check or credit card. You will receive your card, with passes loaded, in seven to ten days.
  • Kitsap Transit Customer Service. Adult, youth, low-income and disabled or senior Regional Reduced Fare. Visit Kitsap Transit's Customer Service Office in the Bremerton Transportation Center to pick up an ORCA card and load passes or E-purse. Our staff can also add value to your card each month or as you need it.

There is a $3 ORCA card fee for an adult ORCA card. Senior and disabled cards are Free for the first card and $3 for a replacement card. There is no fee for a Low Income or Youth ORCA card.


Q: How do I get an Youth ORCA card?

Pick one up from Kitsap Transit’s Customer Service Office (10 Washington Avenue at Bremerton Transportation Center). The office is open 6 AM to 7 PM, Monday-Friday, and 8 AM to 4 PM on Saturdays. Please bring proof of age, such as a student ID, birth certificate, passport or driver’s license.

Order a Youth Transit Pass online at myORCA.com.

Download the myORCA App – iPhone or Android


Q: I have an ORCA card. How can I load a pass or E-purse on it to ride on Kitsap Transit?

A: You can load your ORCA card online at www.orcacard.com, at participating Kitsap County Safeway stores and the Food Market in Kingston, by calling 1-888-988-6722, by mail or at Kitsap Transit's Customer Service Office in the Bremerton Transportation Center. Registered ORCA cardholders can also set up autoload at www.orcacard.com. Autoload automatically loads a pass each month or loads E-purse when your balance is insufficient to pay your fare.

Q: How do bus transfers work?

A: We want you to pay just one fare to complete a one-way trip to your destination, even if you use more than one Kitsap Transit bus, local Foot Ferry, or Fast Ferry route to get there.

ORCA card users who pay their regular or reduced fare from E-purse are entitled to a free 2-hour transfer. ORCA transfers are good in any direction of travel at any location. Transfers are free between Kitsap Transit vehicles. When transferring to a Pierce, Metro, Community, Sound or Everett Transit vehicle within 2 hours, riders will be given credit for the fare paid, paying only the difference in fares.

If you pay your fare with cash, ask your operator for a transfer when you board your bus or Foot Ferry. A paper transfer is valid on Kitsap Transit services only, accepted at transfer centers or transfer points and is good for the next connecting bus or Foot Ferry. Paper transfers are NOT valid on Kitsap Transit Fast Ferries. 


Q: Who qualifies for reduced fare on routed buses and ferries?

A: Reduced fare is available to passengers who qualify based on one of the following conditions:

  • Medicare Cardholder
  • Senior: Age 65 or older
  • Disability
  • Low Income
  • Youth: Anyone 18 and under can ride free with a Youth ORCA Card



Q: I think I qualify for reduced fare, now what?

A: To receive reduced fare you must have a reduced fare qualified ORCA card. Get your card at Kitsap Transit's Customer Service office located at the Bremerton Transportation Center. The card allows you to purchase and load reduced fare bus passes on your ORCA card and to ride routed bus service or the Local Foot Ferries or Fast Ferries for one half the cost of regular one way fares when paying from E-purse. If you are a senior or disabled card holder, you may also receive a reduced cash fare on other transit systems around the region.

You MUST provide proof of any one of the following conditions to receive the reduced fare ORCA card:

  • Medicare Card Holder
  • Senior - Age 65 or older with valid ID and completed Regional Reduced Fare Permit Application. 
  • Disability - One of the following forms of verification is necessary along with a completed Regional Reduced Fare Permit Application:
  1. Verification of receipt of Social Security Disability Benefits or Supplemental Security Income Benefits due to disability (Temporary)
  2. Certification by the Veteran's Administration at a 40% or greater disability level
  3. Valid Medicare card issued by the Social Security Administration (Temporary)
  4. Valid Regional ADA Paratransit Card
  5. Valid ADA Paratransit card from outside the region (Temporary)
  6. Persons without any of the above may still qualify if they have an obvious physical impairment and/or physician verification of disability.
  7. Currently enrolled by a Washington State Individual Educational Program (IEP) (Temporary)
  • Low Income - Has Department of Social & Health Services low-income status with qualifying family size.

For additional information please contact Kitsap Transit at 360-373-2877 or 1-800-501-7433.


Q: At what age do I need to pay for Transit?

A: Anyone 18 and under can ride free on buses, ferries and trains across the Puget Sound. Participating agencies include Kitsap Transit, King County Metro, Sound Transit, Community Transit, Everett Transit, Pierce Transit and Washington State Ferries. For information on how to obtain a Youth ORCA card please visit myORCA.com or call us at 360-373-2877 or 1-800-501-7433.


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