Routes 212, 215, 217, 224, 226 & 301 - Detour through end of May

February 09, 2024

Routes 212, 215, 217, 224, 226 & 301 – Detours
11th Street & Washington Road Closure

Effective February 12 through the end of May 2024 

A previous alert incorrectly stated that Routes 212, 215, 217, 224 and 226 would travel Washington Avenue to Burwell Street to Pacific Avenue during the detour. These routes will travel Washington Avenue and Sixth Street to Pacific Avenue.

Starting on Monday, Feb. 12, parts of 11th Street and Washington Avenue will be closed through the end of May for road work. 

Routes 212–Bremerton/Silverdale West, 215–McWilliams, 217–Bremerton/Silverdale East, 224–Olympic College, 226–Bay Vista, and 301–North Kitsap Fast Ferry will not travel Washington Avenue north of Sixth Street or 11th Street east of Pacific Avenue.
Routes 212, 215 and 217 will travel Washington Avenue, Sixth Street and Pacific Avenue back to their regular route. 

Routes 224 and 226 will travel Washington Avenue, Sixth Street and Pacific Avenue. Route 224 trips returning to the Bremerton Transportation Center (BTC) will continue on Pacific Avenue to BTC. Route 226 trips returning to BTC will travel Sixth Street and Pacific Avenue south of Sixth Street to BTC. 

Route 301 will travel Washington Avenue, Burwell Street and Warren Avenue back to the regular route. 

Two bus stops on Washington Avenue will not be served by Routes 212, 215, 217, 224 and 226 during the road closure. The stops will remain open for Routes 221, 225 and 229. See map for details.  

Detour map no service on 11th and washington North of the Manette Bridge and east of Pacific Ave detour Feb. through end of May 2024

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