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Kitsap Transit has been operating friendly, convenient public transit since 1983. We pride ourselves on providing a reliable service to Kitsap County’s commuter base and a sustainable, green travel option for the environmentally conscious.  Whether you’re catching a bus for work or taking a scenic ferry trip, we strive to create enjoyable experiences for our riders. Specialized services are available for commuters and for qualified elderly and disabled riders. 

Our Mission

Provide safe, reliable and efficient transportation choices that enhance the quality of life in Kitsap County.

Our Vision

Kitsap Transit leads the delivery of a quality, coordinated and sustainable transportation network to serve the changing needs of Kitsap County residents.

Our Goals - 2016

Public Image and Public Access

  1. Expand community outreach in all areas of Kitsap Transit’s operation with improved public communications

Financial Planning

  1. In conjunction with the development of agency purchasing policies and procedures, develop a Finance Policies and Procedures Manual, to include capital project thresholds and policies, operating reserves, small attractive assets, etc.
  2. Develop plan for KT’s staffing needs to be able to implement and support a cross-sound passenger-only ferry operation (i.e., buses, operators, support staff)
  3. Develop a plan, including obtaining Board approval, to stabilize fuel purchases

Passenger-Only Ferry Projects

  1. Procure Annapolis dock and begin preliminary design of ADA improvements
  2. Have the sister ship to the Admiral Pete under construction, with 50% or greater completion by the end of 2016
  3. If approved by the Board, complete election for cross-sound passenger-only ferry service

Service Planning/Improvements

  1. Completion of county-wide Multi-Modal Transportation Plan
  2. Complete environmental phases on Silverdale and East Bremerton Transfer Centers
  3. Maintain involvement with WSDOT re: planning efforts involving Hwy. 3, Hwy. 16, and Hwy. 305, coinciding with approved funding schedules
  4. If awarded Tiger grant, complete design for Phase 2 of North Base Maintenance Project
  5. Complete feasibility plan for electric bus
  6. Complete service analysis, including revamping where needed, to improve ridership
  7. Develop plan and schedule for expanded service levels
  8. Improve coordination with transit districts in the Puget Sound region
  9. Develop a system for improved coordination with Jefferson Transit, Mason Transit, and WSDOT
  10. Develop a policy and plan on land banking for future capital and corridor planned expansions

Environmental Sustainability

  1. Reduce diesel fuel consumption by 50,000 gallons
  2. Complete paperless mobile shop roll-out for Facilities Department
  3. Implement agency-wide e-learning system, saving resources by allowing KT employees to accomplish many training topics through online programs/modules
  4. Maintain and continuously improve Environmental Sustainability Management System, with a focus on a new ESMS plan for North Base

Quarterly System Report

Kitsap Transit prepares a quarterly report of system ridership and fares.  Click here for the most recent quarterly report.


Kitsap Transit is owned by the citizens of Kitsap County. For information on the agency's revenues and expenditures, click here.

Our History

Kitsap Transit is a Public Transportation Benefit Area Authority (PTBAA) established by public vote in 1982. Kitsap Transit's initial mission was to provide public transportation services in the greater Bremerton and Port Orchard areas. Since then, Kitsap Transit has expanded through a number of annexations to cover the entire county.

Transit in Kitsap County prospered in the 1920s, 30s and 40s, particularly with the Puget Sound Naval Shipyard as a primary naval port. The county's economy declined between the1950s and 70s, mirroring the ups and downs seen on a national level.

In 1982, voters formed the new public transportation authority and authorized three-tenths of one percent of sales tax funding to support it. The system carried around 600,000 riders yearly. Today, Kitsap Transit’s backing has grown to eight-tenths of one percent of sales tax funding and carries approximately four million riders each year.

The agency offers a robust, multi-program system which:

  • Operates routed buses, both regular full-day across the county and custom rush-hour in the ferry terminal areas of the county.
  • Operates ACCESS services for people who are frail, elderly and disabled throughout most of the county.
  • Operates a rideshare program composed of Worker/Driver buses, vanpools, SCOOT cars and participation in a Regional Ridematch Program.
  • Manages a park & ride lot system with more than 2,500 spaces.
  • Operates a passenger-only ferry service between Bremerton and Port Orchard and Bremerton and Annapolis.
  • Carries out transit-oriented developments to produce the best and highest transit use of real property.
  • Contributes to the smart growth development of Kitsap County, especially in urban areas.

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