SK and BI Ride Snow Route

SK Ride Route Details

The SK Ride bus will remain on roads identified as priority plowing roads.  If a snow route is called for the SK Ride, the bus will limit pick ups to Hwy. 3, McCormick Woods Drive, Old Clifton and Sunnyslope Road.  If these main roads are unpassable, service may be suspended.  When neighborhood roads are clear enough for safe travel, the bus will return to normal service. 

BI Ride Route Details

The BI Ride bus will remain on roads that Kitap Transit's routed buses serve in snow conditions.  If a snow route is called for the BI Ride, the bus will serve Hwy. 305, the downtown Winlsow area, including the ferry terminal, and the scheduled times at Lynwood Center and Bloedel Reserve. 

Main roads that can generally be served on the north end of the Island include Manzanita, Agate Point, Day Road and Milller.  Koura, Komedal and Phelps will not be served.

In the south end, New Brooklyn , High School, Crystal Springs, Eagle Harbor and Point White are generally passable in snow conditions.  Valley, Manitou Beach, the Springridge area, Baker Hill, Fort Ward and Rockaway Beach will not be served. 

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